Georgia mom upset about sexual 'identity definitions' quiz at school

The DeKalb County School District in Georgia is facing backlash after a “sexual identity” assignment was given to the sixth graders of Lithonia Middle School. Source : Auteur : […]

I won't let Las Vegas shooting change my mind. People are good

The idea that we live in a world with nothing but hurtful, selfish, attention-seeking criminals, is too much for me, and I am betting, too much for you, too. Source […]

Why celebrate Columbus Day? Here are a few reasons

Columbus Day, the second Monday in October, is a nationally recognized holiday. But it’s not recognized in Los Angeles, where I live. Source : Auteur : Steve Kurtz Date […]

NFL's Week 4 sees dozens of players kneel, raise fists during national anthem

Dozens of NFL players took a knee during the national anthem before the games of Week 4 Sunday, a day after President Trump tweeted that it that it was “very […]

Yom Kippur should be welcomed by Jews and non-Jews as reminder that God is with us

This Friday evening and Saturday, everyday life will come to a halt for millions of Jews in Israel and around the world as they observe Yom Kippur, the Day of […]

Steelers' Alejandro Villanueva on standing for anthem: 'I made my teammates look bad'

Alejandro Villanueva, a former Army Ranger and the only Pittsburg Steelers player to stand on the field during the National Anthem on Sunday against the Chicago Bears, apologized for “unintentionally” […]