A cigarette, a car backfire: Small sparks can make big fires

A carelessly discarded cigarette, a downed power line, a car’s backfire or a chainsaw’s pull. Source : http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/10/11/cigarette-car-backfire-small-sparks-can-make-big-fires.html Auteur : PAUL ELIAS Date de parution : 12 October 2017 | […]

Puerto Rico's 'Dead Dog Beach' sadly lives up to its name

None of the dogs at Puerto Rico’s “Dead Dog Beach” – known as a site where people dump their stray animals – have survived Hurricane Maria that hit the territory […]

Irma, now Maria: US Caribbean communities rush to send aid

From parties where the price of admission is a donation, to fundraising drives and online wish lists for collecting needed supplies, West Indian communities around the United States are stepping […]