Joanna Krupa slams 'lazy' people for not exercising daily: 'There is absolutely no excuse'

Joanna Krupa is proud of her bikini body and doesn’t seem to understand why others can’t also join the fitness bandwagon. Source : Auteur : Date de parution : […]

Indonesian goalkeeper dies after colliding with players during a match

A goalkeeper for an Indonesian football club died after colliding with another player during a match on Sunday. Source : Auteur : Paulina Dedaj Date de parution : 17 […]

Congo bank helped Hezbollah-linked company avoid US sanctions, report says

An explosive new report sheds light on how one of the most prominent banks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo may have been diverting assets to enable financiers of […]

Inside the Trump and McConnell feud, from health care to the budget

From Twitter jabs to shouting matches, the feud between the President of the United States and Senate Majority Leader is anything but subtle. Source : Auteur : Kaitlyn Schallhorn […]

Fusion GPS, company behind anti-Trump dossier, fights House subpoenas

The political research firm behind a controversial and unverified anti-Trump dossier is fighting subpoenas from the House Intelligence Committee, with its lawyer seeming to lay the groundwork for company representatives […]

America's teen anxiety epidemic is heartbreaking. Parents, here's the incredible thing you must do now

A key ingredient in helping our kids overcome their anxiety is facing and working through our own anxiety. Source : Auteur : Jeannie Cunnion Date de parution : 16 […]

NBC will not punish Al Michaels for comparing Giants to Harvey Weinstein

NBC will not discipline veteran broadcaster Al Michaels for a comment he made about disgraced Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein during Sunday’s game between the New York Giants and Denver Broncos. […]

Fears of catastrophe as runaway Chinese space station hurtles toward Earth

A Chinese space station will crash into Earth in a matter of months – and it could kill anyone who is standing beneath. Source : Auteur : Jasper Hamill […]

Catalonia's push for independence from Spain: What to know

Catalonia’s leader declared independence last week, but the Spanish government isn’t letting the region go that easily. Source : Auteur : Kaitlyn Schallhorn Date de parution : 16 October […]