South Korea’s Leader Will Be Odd Man Out in Meeting With Trump and Shinzo Abe

As he meets President Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan, President Moon Jae-in appears isolated in opposing military options against North Korea. Source : Auteur : CHOE […]

A Pacifist Japan Starts to Embrace the Military

As the North Korean missile threat grows, there are signs that Japan’s citizens are moving away from the country’s postwar pacifism. Source : Auteur : MOTOKO RICH Date de […]

North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan

Pyongyang carried out one of its most provocative missile tests in recent years, prompting Japan to issue an alert for residents to take cover. Source : Auteur : CHOE […]

Japan’s Economy Grows Again, in Longest Streak in 11 Years

An uptick in domestic consumer and business spending suggests a rising optimism that the good times will continue. Government spending helped, too. Source : Auteur : JONATHAN SOBLE Date […]